After we watched our wedding film, we almost called you and screamed in your ear about how much we loved the film. It made me cry and laugh at the same time. John was super proud of himself as I had given him the final veto vote of which videographers to pick from he chose you! He watched the film and then commented that you were like Quentin Tarantino, which for him is high praise indeed. (We are definitely more Kill Bill people, than Titanic fans)

I was so touched because after watching this whole film, I realized that my whole wedding was truly a celebration of love, friendship, laughter and family. You guys captured a truly wonderful event in our lives and made it into a memory that we can and will watch for the rest of our lives. I want our kids to watch this and know that their parents were, and will always be…so in love. In fact, we are going to watch the film at every anniversary of our wedding to remind each other of why we wanted to start a life together.

Thank you again for your hard work and movie magic. I wanted to compliment you on your efforts to personalize your services; for the time you took to consult with us and hear our vision of what we wanted our film to be; for being there at the wedding rehearsal so you had a preview and all the other personal touches. We are truly blessed to have worked with you.

With all our gratitude and appreciation,
John and Hui Chin


Thank you for doing such a great job shooting our wedding. The editing was absolutely brilliant! We laughed and cried whilst watching the highlights you so cleverly edited. There were so many moments that we did not see but fortunately was captured by you and now we will have those memories to cherish forever. We will be highly recommending you to any friends tying the knot for years to come.

Ping & David


We’re cheekily using one of Louis’ photos to say an enormous thank you for your contribution to our wedding day and beatiful memories. The SDE shown on that day was incredible and the final edit is truly a masterpiece – ‘fresh’ editing and a perfect summary of a beautiful day. You both deserve all your success and we will treasure this forever.

All our very best,
Simon and Marilyn Marsh