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/// WHO, WHAT, WHEN ///

Founded in 2006 by Kee Sitt and Sharon – Wedding Story has been producing wedding films that tells the story of your wedding day in the most authentic way – unobtrusively, honestly, joyfully. We’re storytellers who love using video as the medium in which to tell the stories we and others experience. Our aim is to make wedding films that preserves priceless emotive moments that you can relive again in audio and visual. We want our films to be the most important keepsake you ever had and evokes heartfelt emotions every time you watch the films. We want you to be proud to show off your wedding film to your relatives and friends. We are based in the beautiful UNESCO Heritage City of George Town situated in Penang, Malaysia. We often travel to capture stories.


We believe that weddings are a social celebration of a very sacred commitment. We feel honoured to be participants in every wedding we film. We treat both the day and the people involved with the highest level of respect. Most of all, weddings are a day filled with beauty and magic that emerges effortlessly. We believe our job is to capture that magic in the most authentic way, which means no directing you to act it out for the camera. The result of this would be a story that is pure, relevant, meaningful and unmistakably you.


We believe that a strong wedding film is achieved primarily through character driven storytelling. It involves the creative documentation of real moments and real people that drives the story forward.Creative sequencing, colour correction and grading, sound mixing and editing, composition, lighting and music also play crucial roles. A healthy balance of well motivated camera movement further heightens story as well as emotions. Wedding cinematography is more than just pushing a button on the back of a camera. Couple should seek for cinematographers who will not only capture the beauty alone but also who have a vision to tell a story about the couple’s relationship, love that leads to the wedding. The unique blend of ‘real’ love chemistry and the day of their wedding really makes the story a complete journey for the couple and their families.


If you are wondering if we are the right fit for you, here are some steps to help you finding that answer:

Step 1/// our work

Take a moment to see if you like our work in our portfolio and blog. You got to love what we do. We can’t replicate other studios work. However, we are often inspired by renowned wedding filmmakers across the globe namely Jason Magbanua, Michael Y Wong, Stillmotion, Mayad Studios and Joe Simon.

Step 2 /// creative control and trust

You can leave the creative direction to us. That means you can trust us. However, if doubt arises, feel free to bring it up during initial consultation and we’ll be happy to discuss them.

Step 3 /// relationship

We would love to be your friend because friends tell better stories. So, we gotta build that relationship from the moment you contact us. We need to have good chemistry too, without it the relationship won’t work. Therefore it’s best to tell us about yourself, the wedding plan and what do you like about our work when you contact us. Moving from there, we could meet in person or skype to make sure we are the right fit for each other. If you are enquiring on behalf of your couple, sister, brother, cousin or friend, its best we get in touch with them directly.