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Frequent Asked Questions

Here’s a list of questions most people ask us. Don’t see your question here? Contact us.
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A 40% non-refundable booking fee and signed contract is required upon confirmation of booking. We do not accept pencil bookings.

Non-refundable booking fee // 40%
2 months before the actual day // 40%
Upon completion of edit // 20%
This is known as pencil booking. We’ve been burn too many times when we do this. So we can’t hold the date on your behalf at the time you enquire. To proceed with booking, please advise us on your decision so we will prepare the necessary forms for you to fill up.
More than half our couples are based overseas/outstation, we can communicate over skype, email or phone.
Yes, we do! Love is an universal expression, so we will travel to capture your stories. Some of the great places our teams have visited for weddings include:

Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur, Pulau Langkawi, Kota Kinabalu, Miri, Kuching, Ipoh, Muar, Alor Setar
International: Hong Kong, Bali, India, Bangladesh, Philippines

Plus we’ve worked at countless locations throughout Penang island.

NOTE: We’re on the lookout for a Maldives / London / Hawai’i wedding. Let us know if you are having your wedding there!

Believe it or not, we are not the most expensive studio around. Our charges are based on a few things: skill, time, professionalism, track record and equipments we use. We encourage you to be an informed consumer, so shop around. Moreover, your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime affair, you want to be happy with the people you hire. If you still prefer our work and style, do return.
We usually require one or two nights hotel accommodation (night before wedding & actual wedding night) along with some travel assistance (flights, taxi, petrol, toll). This varies depending on your specific requirements, so please contact us to discuss this further!
Yes we do! They are partly the reason why we are proud citizens of this multicultural country, Malaysia. We love exploring other cultural wedding apart from these. Share yours with us!
Yes and no, it really depends on your location. Lighting remains the essential element of videography and photography, even with the best low-light digital camcorder and camera available in the market. Without good lighting, your image may come out grainy, with reduced contrast and dull colours.
It is important to note that videography is an art and each videographer brings with him a unique vision and “feel” to the end result. We hope you will engage our services because you love and appreciate our vision and artistry.
No. Rest is very important to us, as our work is physically and mentally draining. Plus we need our privacy and space to store our gear. We do not need to stay in a 5-star hotel – all we ask for is a hotel room that is comfortable, clean and close to the wedding location.
We pray hard that you would as this is very important. We are humans just like you. You don’t want your videographer to faint halfway through your wedding dinner! We would appreciate it if you could provide us with a packed vendor’s meal. Something like a fried rice from the hotel cafe in a take-away box would suffice. If you are having a buffet style reception dinner, we’ll help ourselves later on.
Depending on how peak the season is, you will get your wedding film anytime between 4-6 months from your wedding date. We put every ounce of effort into making your video unique, so this takes time and cannot be rushed.
Same Day Edit is a short highlights of what happen in the day that is being shown at the reception dinner. Its available as an add-on on top of our collections. It would be helpful if we have a place to edit this piece. Somewhere inside the reception hall would be great. We require a table, chair and power points. We ask that you schedule this piece to be shown at 9pm.
We believe that tools such as Steadicam, crane, slider, camera etc are just merely tools to get the job done. A good pen doesn’t make one a good writer. However, give a good writer a pencil and he/she will write amazing stories. Its really about the talent and skill, not the tools.

Some of the equipments we use are Canon 5Dmk2, Canon 7D, Panasonic HMC152, Glidecam, Tripods, Monopods and audio equipments.

No. However we may point you in the right direction. We have worked with countless photographers in the industry and would be able to recommend some to you.