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I love this wedding. I had the greatest team during this wedding. Special thanks to Choon Ean who were willing to shoot alongside with us. I call her the “slider queen” as she can’t get enough of the slider since the day I introduce it to her. Most of the slider shot in this film is done by her. I remember she was editing some video the night before and did not sleep but came to shoot in the evening with us at the church. I am so thankful for her.

So who is Matthew and Chin Yi? They are one of the most fantabulous couple every vendor would dream to work with. Chin Yi is sweet, pretty, funny and outgoing. Matthew is the cool, ladies-man, courteous, kind hearted, caring, thoughtful and (insert words here). These two makes a wonderful couple.

I first heard of their wedding from Choon Ean as Matthew is the son of senior pastor Dr. Daniel Ho of Damansara Utama Methodist Church. Choon Ean is a great fan of Wedding Story, so she had to tell Matthew about us. The second time I heard about Matthew was from Grace and Alex from Stories as they attend DUMC too. The third time? Matthew and Chin Yi personally contacted me and we met up during a media conference I was speaking in at DUMC. God must be really telling me to film this wedding because it keeps coming back to me. To make it even better, when I met them, I was very excited about their wedding and I just instantly like them. We are a good fit! Yay! So, we bargained and were hired for the wedding! Yay-Yay!

The wedding day is so nice and heartfelt. Its full of surprises, laughter, tears of joy, emotional speeches, etc. Its also the largest wedding we shot for 2011. They had nearly a thousand people attending the wedding ceremony. Oh, a day before their wedding was Price William’s wedding. Can u imagine the pressure for me when I went for rehearsal and heard people talking about how great the live telecast was. Anyway, on the wedding day, our equipments can’t beat the ones at the royal wedding. One thing for sure we did better than the royal wedding. We succeeded in weaving their story of the day + all the nice shots we have. We had 4 cameras running and we shot it over 2 days. Yeah yeah..self praise:PDon’t believe me? Watch it and tell me what you think?:)