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freezer organizer bins Malaysia

Tips To Keep Your Refrigerator Clean

In most houses, the refrigerator is the primary food storage unit. Not to add, it comes with a long list of advantages that make it one of the most popular kitchen appliances. However, in order for it to perform properly, homeowners must take proper care of their refrigerator; otherwise, it will not operate at maximum efficiency and may cause food to spoil.

Make fair use of refrigerator baskets

To organize your foodstuff in the refrigerator, look for baskets. These baskets will allow you to keep goods of the same type together. You can buy one basket to store greens and another to hold cheese and milk goods, for example. Your refrigerator will seem sleek and clean in this manner. You can check out Tupperware for more information about freezer organizer bins Malaysia.

Avoid congesting your fridge

Make an attempt to inspect each item in your refrigerator. Occasionally, you will come upon expired or bad things that must be thrown. As a result, declutter your refrigerator by removing items that have outlived their usefulness. You don’t have to put every food item in your fridge, either. Potatoes, for example, maybe kept outside the refrigerator.

Protect the crispers

Place a piece of paper on top of the crispers before storing your food. You’ll be less likely to end up with a soiled crisper if you do this. To keep your fridge clean, change the paper as often as feasible. Furthermore, putting a sheet of paper on top of the crisper absorbs all of the moisture in the food. As a result, this method extends the life of your vegetables.

freezer organizer bins Malaysia

Create different sections

Make it a practise to divide your refrigerator into compartments for different sorts of items. As a consequence, your refrigerator is well-organized. Furthermore, because everything is in its proper place, the flavours of the food are not harmed. In addition, your refrigerator stays clean and fresh throughout.

Use egg cartons

One of the most delicate meals is eggs. When they fail, your refrigerator may become a complete disaster. So, to keep your eggs organised, use an egg carton organiser. This frees up room in the fridge for other meals, such as ketchup bottles and other condiments.

Freeze raw meat

Raw meat should not be kept in the refrigerator for lengthy periods of time. This food has a short shelf life. Always inspect your meat and meat products to ensure they are in good condition. In fact, authorities recommend avoiding storing meat in the refrigerator for longer than two days. So, if you want to keep your meat for a longer period of time, put it in the freezer.


Finally, one of the finest locations to keep food is in the refrigerator. However, it should be kept lean and fresh throughout. It will not operate properly otherwise. As a result, all homeowners should use a variety of strategies to keep their refrigerators clean and fresh. Remember that keeping your fridge clean and fresh extends the life of your food. It’s great if you make it a practise to organise and clean your refrigerator on a regular basis.

Bangunan pejabat di PJ

Fitted office furniture may help you improve your WFH set-up in four ways

Bangunan Pejabat di PJ

With more people working from home than ever before, having a robust work-from-home setup is more crucial than ever. Not just for one’s mental health, but also for one’s physical well-being. Being cooped up inside with a shaky layout will have long-term ramifications. Custom Creations has seen firsthand the surge in demand for customized workplace furniture since the outbreak. Continue reading to discover more about the benefits of fitted study furniture and how it might benefit your work-from-home situation.

  • Keep your professional and personal life separate

One of the most important aspects of building a successful work-from-home habit is keeping your working life distinct. Many individuals will work from the comfort of their own homes, in their bedrooms or kitchens. While it may seem more comfortable at first, it is more likely to have a negative impact over time. Being confined to the same room all day, every day will hurt your mental health. With fitted office furniture, you may create a unique environment. This eliminates the possibility of cross-over between two settings that should be kept separate. Go somewhere else to recharge your batteries and unwind when you’ve completed your assignment.

  • Increase the size of your storage space

It’s critical to have a clean, clutter-free workspace when working from home. A clean room, as the saying goes, equals a clean mind. Even if you choose a personalized desk, keeping your belongings organized will allow you to store more. Bespoke office furniture has the advantage of being able to be customized to match your exact requirements. Extra drawers and cabinet space may be possible to incorporate into the design. In fitted home office furniture with storage compartments, you may keep stationery, paperwork, or whatever else you need. You may also utilize the extra storage space to help clean up dirt in other parts of the house.

  • Concentrate your efforts

Use appropriate study furniture to gain attention in a condition that helps you to focus. Working from home rather than in an office may expose you to many if not all, distractions. Your productivity will most likely suffer if you have children, housemates, or family members around. It’s much easier to focus your attention when you’re in the correct surroundings. If you have a specific space or room with fitted office equipment such as bespoke desks, shelves, and chairs, this will be easy to do.

  • Improve ergonomics

Fitted home office furniture may aid in the prevention of health issues. Slouching on the sofa all day, rather than sitting at a properly leveled workplace in an ergonomics chair, might cause major back problems. And the situation is just likely to become worse over time. It may entail sitting in an incorrect position for eight to ten hours a day, five days a week for those who work from home. You won’t have any back problems if you sit at a customized workstation that’s the appropriate height for you. Pair your custom office furniture with an ergonomics chair for the best results.

Talk about the office room. If you are searching for an office space with fitted furniture, visit PHB for a Bangunan pejabat di PJ


cloud based pos system Malaysia

The Big Benefits of Small Businesses

It’s easy to feel that your labour and goals are drowned out by Fortune 500 businesses and other major names in the sector, whether you’re a business student, a small business employee, or a prospective small business owner.

While these business moguls may appear to be in the spotlight, the reality of the small business advantage may surprise you. Our country and communities benefit greatly from small businesses. The significance of small enterprises in local communities and the national economy is becoming increasingly apparent.

Small businesses have room to grow

Small enterprises aren’t always as small as they appear. While there is no common definition, some consider any company with fewer than 500 people to be a small business. So, just because your small business has the potential to grow doesn’t mean you can’t still get the benefits of being “little.”

Small businesses are killing it in retail

Are you thinking about opening your own boutique or working for a local retailer? This isn’t the first time you’ve thought of this. The retail market is being shattered by small firms. They are the largest retail employers in the US economy, employing roughly half of the retail workforce.

Can send experts at a lower price

Many small business owners are professionals in their industries before breaking out and starting a company: a previous creative director of a large advertising agency may head a small advertising firm, while the owner of a video production house may have previously directed independent films.

You must combine excellent work with cheap charges – two essential elements that provide value and can help you establish a loyal customer base. If you specialise market your services and specialisation talents, your clients should consider you as a specialist, regardless of your size.

cloud based pos system Malaysia

More nimble and flexible

Small businesses are more versatile and have fewer laws and regulations to follow. When a consumer complains to a Best Buy saleswoman, for example, the customer will almost certainly be told, “Our policies specify that so-and-so.” As a result of company policies, the staff is unable to provide greater customer service. As a result, disgruntled customers leave because they perceive their needs are unimportant to the company.

On the other hand, you might just offer concessions to dissatisfied customers. You don’t need to go through the board or the legal department to approve every change in the business’s policies; you may simply update a policy to keep customers happy. As a result of this adaptability, customers earn trust and loyalty.

Can work more closely with customers to address problems in the company

In major organisations, there is frequently a vast divide between customers and politicians. Because small business owners are often on the front lines, policies can be changed swiftly if necessary. Keep an eye on client feedback, especially from people who have switched from larger organisations to your small firm, and respond fast to stay ahead of the competition.

So, check out cloud based pos system Malaysia to have more information on ideal solutions for small businesses. 


I love this wedding. I had the greatest team during this wedding. Special thanks to Choon Ean who were willing to shoot alongside with us. I call her the “slider queen” as she can’t get enough of the slider since the day I introduce it to her. Most of the slider shot in this film is done by her. I remember she was editing some video the night before and did not sleep but came to shoot in the evening with us at the church. I am so thankful for her.

So who is Matthew and Chin Yi? They are one of the most fantabulous couple every vendor would dream to work with. Chin Yi is sweet, pretty, funny and outgoing. Matthew is the cool, ladies-man, courteous, kind hearted, caring, thoughtful and (insert words here). These two makes a wonderful couple.

I first heard of their wedding from Choon Ean as Matthew is the son of senior pastor Dr. Daniel Ho of Damansara Utama Methodist Church. Choon Ean is a great fan of Wedding Story, so she had to tell Matthew about us. The second time I heard about Matthew was from Grace and Alex from Stories as they attend DUMC too. The third time? Matthew and Chin Yi personally contacted me and we met up during a media conference I was speaking in at DUMC. God must be really telling me to film this wedding because it keeps coming back to me. To make it even better, when I met them, I was very excited about their wedding and I just instantly like them. We are a good fit! Yay! So, we bargained and were hired for the wedding! Yay-Yay!

The wedding day is so nice and heartfelt. Its full of surprises, laughter, tears of joy, emotional speeches, etc. Its also the largest wedding we shot for 2011. They had nearly a thousand people attending the wedding ceremony. Oh, a day before their wedding was Price William’s wedding. Can u imagine the pressure for me when I went for rehearsal and heard people talking about how great the live telecast was. Anyway, on the wedding day, our equipments can’t beat the ones at the royal wedding. One thing for sure we did better than the royal wedding. We succeeded in weaving their story of the day + all the nice shots we have. We had 4 cameras running and we shot it over 2 days. Yeah yeah..self praise:PDon’t believe me? Watch it and tell me what you think?:)


As promised, here’s an excerpt of Xulin and Noel’s Signature Film that we deliver. We offer the Wedding Story Signature Film in our Signature Collection in the Cinematic Series.

The full lengths or main feature is what you should also be looking at when you go hunting for a wedding videographer. While we agree the highlights is equally important, it is not a comprehensive piece to show the event of your wedding. We believe that a strong wedding film is achieved primarily through character driven storytelling. It involves the creative documentation of real moments that drives the story forward. We also believe that tools such as Steadicam, crane, slider, camera etc are just merely tools. A good pen doesn’t make one a good writer. However, give a good writer a pencil and he/she will write amazing stories. Its really about the talent and skill, not the tools.

Let us know what do you think of this piece.


Yvonne and Jon is no stranger to us. We have known Jon since he was studying in USM and attended the same church as us. Their wedding was held in G Hotel and attended by many of their close friends. Many of them whom are musicians. You see, Jon plays frequently at weddings too. See if you can recognize him. Maybe you have seen him at some weddings you attended.

Enjoy their amazing day!


Everyone in Wedding Story loves this wedding so much. Everything was just so genuine and most of all, Pam and Ky-Shen was the star of the day. The both of them looked stunning, beautiful and handsome. One of the great success in this wedding shoot for us was the first look. I am glad we manage to squeeze a little time to capture this priceless moments. Its also wonderful to work with thoughtful and discreet photography team from Mocco. They allow the moments to unfold naturally.

Well, I’ll let the film speak more for you.